Introducing the best Godmother of Viennas queer Underground

Athene Atlas in front of a graffiti background

Athene Atlas.

Athene Atlas is a performance artist based in Vienna. She is DJane, singer, host and Drag Queen. After taking over by storm, the award-winning icon declared herself as Godmother of Viennas queer Underground. She hosts one of Viennas most popular queer events „Club Atlas“. She is also a passionate kisser. Convince yourself!

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When Athene Atlas was born 1990 in Vienna (AUT), her parents already had planned her entire life. She must become a business analyst, earn good money, and always be a good boy. Turns out she had other plans. „Zuerst lernst du was ‚gscheits!“


It all started with „Club Atlas“. Since 2021 Athene is hosting events and since 2024 there are several productions under the guise of „Club Atlas presents“. Marea Atlas as the successor, „Parole Emil!“ as political art party in times queer subculture is in danger.


Shine bright like a diamond! Viennas own „Divine“ is doing Performance art and Drag since 2007 two years before RuPauls Drag Race even started. She produces conceptual art and performs as well. Fat, femme, adorable! 

„I had a nice evening.“

Stefan Mogelpackung
© Robert Puteanu

„She is the Tamara Mascara of Viennas queer Underground.“

Sue Philis Baker
Athene Atlas Interview ORF Seitenblicke
Athene interviewed by ORF Seitenblicke while being a judge at Tuntathlon, Yppenplatz in 1160 Vienna